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Login to Ubuntu with Yubikey

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means responsible for anyone using this tutorial to lock herself out of their system, nor for any damage, data loss, etc. You get the idea, use this at your own risk. With that out of the way, let's get to the fun part. This tutorial will outline the steps I used in my current Xubuntu (Ubuntu with Xfce) 16.04 to enable my Yubikey as a hardware key as a requirement to log in. I am using the default eCryptFS encryption method to encrypt a private folder (not my home folder) which also keeps unlocking when my user logs in. This process worked on my Arch desktop too, which I took from this genius post: Big thanks and credit to him! This tutorial will be mostly copy-paste, though I wish to do it with the Ubuntu specifics. The login manager I am using is LightDM , I also removed the screensaver that comes with Xubuntu out of the box. On Arch I was able to use GDM with success.
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