Monday, 17 November 2014

Language injection in Ruby strings with Intellij / Rubymine

I have just discovered that Rubymine was also capable of language injection for strings, even if this is hardly documented:

The trick here is to use the correct heredoc format with defining the language inside the string.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Byobu automated window setup

I am recently working all day in a multiple virtual machine environment and became very tired of typing repetitive commands. The most irritating was to always recreate the default Byobu (with tmux) window setups, running the initial servers in them, etc. So I have asked the question on ServerFault. As a result I have created my 6+ window Byobu automator script and live happily ever since |^_^|

Here is a small GIST example for a simple, non-splitting window setup:

Friday, 15 August 2014

Windows 8 blurry/fuzzy text

Recently I have bought a new machine that came with Windows 8.1 pre installed. To make the story short the texts and some icons were super blurry an fuzzy, edgy. I have spent some hours on the net and found a clue that says new Win8.1 has sometimes the text size increased by default. So what you'll need to do to restore 100% size is:

1. Go to the Control Panel and open Display

2. Then see if you have an automatic selected, if so then have it overridden

3. The default is always 100% so make sure it is selected that way, hit Apply then log out and log in