Saturday, 24 March 2012

How to cut FLAC with CUE files

I have read the best and simplest procedure for Windows on this forum thread:

Here is the recipe:
  1. Get Flac, you just need flac.exe, put it in some directory;
  2. Open the .cue file in Foobar;
  3. Select all the tracks, right-click, choose 'convert', choose '...';
  4. Click 'output format', choose FLAC, click 'edit' and set it to 8;
  5. Click 'destination' and choose your options;
  6. Click 'processing' and make sure 'enable decode...' is off, and 'active dsps' is empty;
  7. Click convert, foobar will ask you were you put flac.exe, navigate to it and voila.
You can use the "bit compare" plugin to make sure the new converted tracks are bit identical to the original ones.

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