Thursday, 31 May 2012

Find files and do something with them

  • Find removed (deleted) files still in use via /proc:
# find -L /proc/*/fd -links 0 2 > /dev/null
  • Remove .svn folders recursively. (I have seen solutions using the -exec switch, but it is too slow, so I use find's own delete option here)
$ find . -name ".svn" -type d -delete;
  • Find and delete files with multiple choice of names:
$  find /path -name '.DS_Store' -or -name '._*' -delete
  •  Finding file in .h with "raoul" in it ( the "-n" is for displaying line number ):
$  find /path -name "*.h" | grep -n "raoul"
  • Find empty folders:
$  find /path -type d -empty
  • Find empty folder and list:
$  find /path -type d -empty -ls
  • Find empty folder and save result in temporary file:
$  find /path -type d -empty -fls /path/to/tempfile.txt

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