Monday, 10 September 2012


This is a small summary for anyone who struggles often - on Ubuntu recently - to get the so called "Sun Java JDK", now belongs to Oracle onto their system. My strategy is to exclude any kind of Java packages from my installation and download only the self extracting JDK from the Oracle website. Once downloaded and extracted into my home directory I can easily  reference that directory in the various global variables that my softwares are searching for.
On Ubuntu I use a dumb-simple shell script that is put into the /etc/profile.d directory with the extension of .sh. The content of my version is like this:

export WEBIDE_JDK="/home/ikon/app/jdk"export RUBYMINE_JDK="/home/ikon/app/jdk"export SMARTGIT_JAVA_HOME="/home/ikon/app/jdk"export SMARTSYNCHRONIZE_JAVA_HOME="/home/ikon/app/jdk"
Here the /home/ikon/jdk is where I extracted the JDK to. The variable names can be looked up from the starter shell scripts of the softwares. This way I even made those softwares "portable" :)

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